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Jeby Health Care Services has joined HomMed Health Monitoring Systems in order to provide home monitoring to its clients in Galveston, SE Harris and Brazoria Counties.
This program is designed to manage clients who have chronic illnesses like CHF, HTN, Diabetes, and COPD. Early detection of problems lead to reduction in the number of ER visits, unplanned MD office visits and hospital admissions.
The HomMed System can monitor daily vital signs, peripheral attachments can be added to the patented system to measure blood glucose levels, lung capacity, prothrombin time, ECG and digital camera imaging as needed.
     The HomMed system is comprised of two main components: the monitor, which collect and transmits data from the client, and the central station, which receives the data and store it. Each day at a set time, a gently, friendly voice guides the client through the simple, three- minute procedure to collect the vital signs including heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, weight,. and temperature. After the last of the vital signs is taken, the client is asked up to 10 subjective questions to which they answer yes or no. These questions can be customized to assist in further evaluating their condition and quality-of-life measurement.
     Once completed, the data is then transmitted via telephone line to the central station located at the agency office, where it is reviewed and evaluated by a RN.


  • 70 Years of age or older, home bound with medical needs.
  • Living alone or no immediate support system
  • Multiple medical problems.
  • Multiple drugs-new and old
  • New tubes, drains, dressing, ostomies, wounds and/ or skilled care follow-up.
  • Limited functional status-mobility, self care
  • Laboratory needs
  • IV/IM Medications
  • Frequent hospital admissions.
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